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indiekiddy's Journal

indie kids
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we are a community dedicated to the kids of indie. The people. we are interested in attractive indie people with attractive clothing. if you fit the description then join.

we have an application form that you can fill in! yes!
just copy and paste and voila
please put it behind a cut, its just better that way

get to know you, or maybe not
1.name (yours or someone elses):
3.thought that you have had that nobody else understands:
4.party trick (for example you may be able to eat a whole lemon, good on ya):
5.the type of lj user who aggrivates your itch:

silly question masqerading as fundamental questions
6.5 bands or artistes (we arnt discriminative here) who occupy the top of your cd stack:
7.your opinion, are feminine men better looking than butch men?:
8.The three best moment in your life (nice to read):
9.The type of car you would like to drive in an ideal world (possibly where cars are environmentally friendly):
10.The most important band in the last 50 years and why:

strange questions
11.if you could have infinite knowledge and be disabled or have a super power but be really stupid, which would u choose and why:
12.have u ever thought that it would be really cool if marker pens drew on thin air? (dont say yes becoz u just read it):
13.which is the better profession, comedian or neuro-surgeon and why?:
14.are very highly strung indie kids good or bad and why:
15.is kate moss a good addition to babyshambles album or not, why?

you can post a picture of yourself if u feel inclined if not, google your name on...google and find a picture of someone else, or a picture of a strangely shaped fruit would surfice:

thanks, sorry i cant spell.