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[Aug. 20th, 2005|07:33 pm]
indie kids


[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |franz ferdinand - do you want to]

1.name (yours or someone elses): cicciput
2.occupation: lazy student
3.thought that you have had that nobody else understands: "i like this band" (abouta lot of bands)
4.party trick (for example you may be able to eat a whole lemon, good on ya): sorry, my body can't do anything. i can barely walk straight.
5.the type of lj user who aggrivates your itch: people with complicated layouts, where you can't find what you're supposed to read and you only see pictures of pete doherty and conor oberst.

silly question masqerading as fundamental questions
6.5 bands or artistes (we arnt discriminative here) who occupy the top of your cd stack:
right now, the libertines, razorlight, bright eyes, pixies, the subways
7.your opinion, are feminine men better looking than butch men?: yeah, probably.
8.The three best moment in your life (nice to read): i don't know, really.
9.The type of car you would like to drive in an ideal world (possibly where cars are environmentally friendly): i'd never be able to drive a car
10.The most important band in the last 50 years and why: i don't know, i'm young and ignorant and i don't know the music of the past very well. (i need to study, i know). but i'd say, er, the beatles?

strange questions
11.if you could have infinite knowledge and be disabled or have a super power but be really stupid, which would u choose and why: i don't know, i think infinite knowlegde. but then i'd feel really lonely because i couldn't talk to anyone without thinking that they're stupid. but i don't want to be stupid.
12.have u ever thought that it would be really cool if marker pens drew on thin air? (dont say yes becoz u just read it): i've never thought it. but yeah, it would be really cool.
13.which is the better profession, comedian or neuro-surgeon and why?: well, being a comedian must be fun but you have to be good and extroverted. and if you are a neuro-surgeon, you probably earn a lot of money and you're useful etc. but you have to study a lot and i think it's boring. (why are you asking me these things, anyway?)
14.are very highly strung indie kids good or bad and why: i don't know, i think being highly strung is never good, isn't it?
15.is kate moss a good addition to babyshambles album or not, why? i don't like her much. but it's ok that she's pete's girlfriend, especially if this helps him with his drug addiction, but i really don't like the fact that she sings on his songs.

you can post a picture of yourself if u feel inclined if not, google your name on...google and find a picture of someone else, or a picture of a strangely shaped fruit would surfice: this is what i found:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

:D feel free to add me.