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[Aug. 9th, 2005|02:50 pm]
indie kids


I accidentally posted this on my own journal 3 times.

1.name (yours or someone elses):Bethie
2.occupation: hewett scum
3.thought that you have had that nobody else understands:none, really
4.party trick (for example you may be able to eat a whole lemon, good on ya):i prefer party rings
5.the type of lj user who aggrivates your itch: the kind that write like this - 0Mg L0lZ, teh d00d from tat parteee woz well kl

silly question masqerading as fundamental questions
6.5 bands or artistes (we arnt discriminative here) who occupy the top of your cd stack:
Bloc Party
The Strokes
The Go! Team
Dashboard Confessional
7.your opinion, are feminine men better looking than butch men?:I don't know, I didn't really consider it.
8.The three best moment in your life (nice to read):
Existing in general is fabulous, I really couldn't decide which moments are best
9.The type of car you would like to drive in an ideal world (possibly where cars are environmentally friendly):mini
10.The most important band in the last 50 years and why:Veruca Salt, first band I remember liking

strange questions
11.if you could have infinite knowledge and be disabled or have a super power but be really stupid, which would u choose and why: I'd be stupid, because if i knew everyhting i would be depressed about it. and stupid people only ever feel happy because they are stupid. ignorance is bliss
12.have u ever thought that it would be really cool if marker pens drew on thin air? (dont say yes becoz u just read it):no, but it would be very cool
13.which is the better profession, comedian or neuro-surgeon and why?: i'd prefer to be a comedian, but i guess being a neuro-surgeon is more useful
14.are very highly strung indie kids good or bad and why:hmm , i dunno. they sometimes make good msuic, but it's better to be chillaxed
15.is kate moss a good addition to babyshambles album or not, why? i'm not sure, is she good at anything except pouting. for instance, can she play harmonica, or possibly recorder.

[User Picture]From: _xneverxforever
2005-08-09 02:44 pm (UTC)

Re: Yeah

*screams and runs away*

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[User Picture]From: blackbeads
2005-08-09 03:15 pm (UTC)

Re: Yeah

::Hangs head in shame::

| (T_T) |
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[User Picture]From: blackbeads
2005-08-09 03:16 pm (UTC)

Re: Yeah

Woah my shoulder went a bit assQ there.
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